Slum Upgradation: Adarsh Colony


• The Govt. of Odisha in May 2018 launched JAGA Mission- the world’s largest slum titling and upgradation initiative based on the Landmark “ The Odisha Land Rights to Slum Dwellers Act, 2017”. In successful implementation of the provisions of the Act and the distribution of over 60000 Land Rights Certificate (LRCs), JAGA Mission is now moved to its next critical stage of transforming slums into livable habitats.

• JAGA Mission Slum Up-gradation and Delisting initiative focus on upgradation of slums by addressing the primary inequalities prevailing in urban areas to integrate the informal settlements into the mainstream city fabric.

• Honorable CM has announced that in the next 3 years all the 2919 slums of Odisha will be transformed into “Adarsh Colonies”. To fulfil the vision of there are 7 partners in the JAGA Mission – Tata Trusts, CPR and Janaagraha.

• Our major target for the Utkal Divas is to De-List 581 slums across 19 ULBs. For the Pilot Phase 19 ULBs have been taken up based on their Tenability Analysis. For this Janaagraha is actively focusing on the Capacity Building of the ULB officers, Ward Officers and the SDAs members. We have successfully completed the first round of Capacity Building Training of 19 ULBs and on 26th November, 2020 we will complete the Capacity Building Training of all the ULBs (114) of Odisha.


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